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Defending Diversity: WVSWFL Members Speak Out Against HB 901

WVSWFL are taking a stand against a concerning legislative proposal – House Bill 901. This bill, if enacted, would prohibit the display of pride flags on government properties, including schools and colleges. In response to this potential threat to freedom of expression, members of Women Voices of Southwest Florida are raising their voices to oppose HB 901, asserting that it goes against the principles of diversity and inclusion.

A Threat to Expression:

House Bill 901 has sparked a wave of concern among the members of WVSWFL, who recognize the importance of expressing one's identity and supporting marginalized communities. The proposed ban used to target pride and BLM flags not only stifles the LGBTQ+ community's visibility but also raises questions about the broader implications for freedom of expression.

Promoting Diversity and Inclusion:

This bill doesn't just ban pride flags! The vague wording of 'political flags' is how the bill aims to ban the BLM flag and anything they deem too "political". Banning only some flags from government properties and not others, sends a message that contradicts the principles of equality, hindering progress toward a more tolerant society. A few of our members weren't actually allowed to speak even after cutting speech time down to 30 seconds They decided they would just read our names, Silencing their constituents.


As WVSWFL stand united against House Bill 901, they

send a powerful message advocating for diversity, inclusion, and the representation of all people. Their efforts highlight the need to embrace the rich tapestry of identities within all of Florida and beyond. In opposing this bill, we strive to ensure that the region remains a place where everyone can feel like they belong and are safe from discrimination.

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